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Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN Tech

Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN Tech

  • Package includes a 5 A high current USB-C to USB-C cable (1 m).
  • Around 48%* smaller than the standard adapter for Mi Notebooks: Product dimensions of the Mi 65 W Fast Charger with GaN Tech are 30.8 mm × 30.8 mm × 56.3 mm (excluding pin length); product dimensions of the standard adapter for Mi Notebooks are 30.8 mm x 60 mm x 57 mm (excluding pin length); the Mi 65 W Fast Charger with GaN Tech is around 48% smaller, when compared to the standard adapter for Mi Notebooks.
  • Charging time data: Charging speed may vary depending on device usage, charging conditions and other factors.
  • iPhone 11 charging: Requires a USB-C to Lightning cable, which is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.
  • Laptop Charging Compatibility Testing List: Laptop models, software versions, and laptop software upgrades may affect compatibility; including but not limited to the laptop models listed in the table, please refer to the actual usage conditions.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all the above test data is from the Gallium Nitride Technology. Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.


  • GaN is an innovative semiconductor material, commonly used in the aerospace industry and the military. Outstanding conductivity, and resistance to high temperatures, acids and alkalies. The charger is not only lightweight and pocket-sized, but holds advantages in power conversion when compared to non-GaN chargers with the same power.
  • USB-C port output power of up to 65 W MAXUSB-C for charging the new MacBook Pro, Mi Notebook and other high-power devices.
  • Package includes a Mi USB Type-C to Type-C Cable, which features the E-Marker chip and supports currents of up to 5A for faster charging. 1m length for meeting your charging needs no matter the scenario
  • Support for all iPhone models
  • With gallium nitride, the innovative semiconductor material, the device is around 48%* smaller than the standard adapter for Mi Notebooks, making it easy to carry for daily use or travel.
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